Howard Rheingold, author, virtual community pioneer and self-described “online instigator and expert learner,” has interviewed more than 100 innovative and inspiring educators who exemplify connected learning: a fundamentally different mode of learning from education that is centered on fixed subjects, one-to-many instruction and standardized testing. The following are some of his most relevant picks for learner agency, co-learning, making, 21st-century learners, networked publics, media literacy, civic engagement and pedagogy.

Co-Learning: Modeling Cooperative-Collaborative Learning

“When I understood that my fear of revealing what I didn’t know about teaching was subtly conveying a fear of trial-and-error learning, I started pushing my experiments with social media in the classroom to the point where something would go wrong, thus affording me an opportunity to debug my errors aloud.” — Howard Rheingold

Making is a Stance Toward Learning: Combining Learner Agency with Tinkering, Debugging and Project-Based Learning

“Messing, tinkering, building projects that actually interest learners is about developing skills of autonomous learning, cultivating an appreciation for and fluency in using learning communities and experienced guides, and practice at thinking big.” — Sylvia Libow Martinez

Media and Civic Engagement: Growing Youth Enthusiasm for Digital Media into Connected, Engaged Citizenship

Educators have a responsibility and a role to play in connecting youth enthusiasm for digital media and the kind of civic engagement that democracy depends on.